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I was born that day

I was born today
the world tells me
breathed my first they say
This day i was me

Greetings come pouring in
Cheers! they all say
from kith and kin
Even people far away

Nature also smiles
She pours down on me
and the cloudy blue sky
Plays a sweet symphony

Amidst all the commotion
My heart stops to beat
I am a fool to have forgotten
and it just occurred to me

for the world may be
i was born today
but my birth was to me
when you came my way

I was born that day
when you loved me
and I died the day
when you forsook me

I will be born once again
when with our love I will be
Only then will i rejoice
reunited with your love I shall be


A simple wish

I am a simple man
with a simple desire
In my heart a passion
In my soul burns a fire

My passion is a flame
With a million shiny embers
To keep it forever ablaze
It is her I try to remember

The world seemed complicated
From it I sought protection
By her once I was comforted
And to her was my devotion

The comfort is now gone
What remains is only passion
Is it a crime to want it back?
Is it a crime to seek redemption?

A flame devoid of pain
My passion is benign
It compels me to try again
Try to make her mine 

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