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The “Self”

I am asked to be myself
A “self” that attracts you
And evokes your love
A “self” that entices you

I know not of this “self”
The one you speak of
I know not of this “self”
the “self” that once was

What am I now?
Can you tell me?
Is it the same?
Perhaps no one can

We may try to recall
What this “self” was
We may attempt to
But fail miserably

Let me explain
What I am now
Let me explain
so you may see

I am an empty vessel
A selfless creature
With you I am not shallow
For you are my other “self”

Without you I wander
Aimlessly and empty
Without you I wander
with no purpose at all

This is the “self”
That you speak of
This is the “self”
That there is now

What I once was
I may once more be
What you make of it
I long to see


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